About The Focus Firm

Founded in 2015 by Matthew J. Hass, The Focus Firm’s mission is to provide strategic planning services, research-driven messaging, and framing support to candidates, consumers, and businesses seeking to make an impact through political and public policy advocacy.

Matthew Hass is a strategic communications expert who emphasizes focus group analysis. Through The Focus Firm, Hass utilizes focus groups to analyze juries and campaign messaging in his service as a consultant for political campaigns, marketing campaigns, and trial lawyers. Hass’ expertise in simplifying complex issues for mass audiences has defined his career, with hallmark successes in varied areas from ballot campaigns to legislative issues.

He continues his work to protect individual rights on the national level, serving on the executive committee of the National Association of Trial Lawyers Executives. When he is not working or digesting the latest political news, Matthew can usually be found on his sailboat, a river, or hiking trail.